J Becher


Why does my circuit breaker keep tripping when I use my vacuum, hairdryer, or other electrical appliances? What causes this?

Usually, the problem is simply an overload of the circuit, meaning too much electrical current is being consumed at one time. Unplugging or running fewer appliances on the circuit should solve the problem. However, if the circuit is not overloaded and continues to trip, you may have an electrical short which requires an electrician to inspect the circuit and outlet.

**Additional Info: Each size of wire is given a rating as to how much current and voltage it can handle. We install 15 and 20 amp breakers, so if you have multiple appliances being operated at once and the circuit is requiring more than what the wire can handle, the breaker will trip so that you don’t damage the wire by overloading it.

If you need an electrician for your tripping circuit, call J. Becher & Associates and we will be happy to inspect and repair the circuit and outlet if needed. Call us at 763.428.8630.