J Becher


The STMA Breakfast Club Barn – Update

J.Becher & Associates is pleased to announce that our work has been completed on the exciting SMTA Breakfast Club Barn project! J.Becher worked alongside local businesses to help build the new Breakfast Club Barn, a worship and ministry gathering space for St. Michael-Albertville High School students.

The STMA Breakfast Club was started back in 2014 in the basement of Pastor Jake and Christy Vanada’s home. The goal was to create a space for their two children, and a few of their friends to hear the teachings of the Bible before heading across the street for school each day. Over the years, the word spread, and the group grew larger and larger. Now, they have hundreds of teens who join them for a full breakfast, and to hear a teaching from the Bible every other Thursday at what is now known as the ‘Breakfast Club.’

This entire project, from the land to the architect, was completely donated by local contractors and community supporters. Thanks to the amazing support and donations from the community, the STMA Breakfast Club now has an almost complete barn that will soon hold up to 500 people to gather and worship. It was an absolute pleasure to be the electrical contractor for this amazing project!

To learn more about the Breakfast Club, or to donate to this amazing group, visit their website today at:www.stmabreakfastclub.org

To commemorate the event, we joined Rise Modular, City of St. Michael officials, and DJR Architecture for a traditional golden shovel groundbreaking ceremony. J.Becher & Associates is thrilled to be the electrical experts on this project; time to get to work!