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Smart Lighting

Choose the Right Smart Lighting this holiday season! You can save energy, make your home safer on dark evenings, and connect to outdoor lights and small appliances from anywhere with your all-in-one Alarm.com app.

Your smart home’s lighting choices can help you save money! Enjoy the benefits of a sophisticated lighting control system by setting scenes, fades, and dimming levels for each room or for the whole house. Lighting control systems do not require the use of complicated software programs and do not require rewiring when standard residential/commercial wiring is already in place.

It’s cool to control lights through an app, but in the long run you’ll want lights that do the work for you. Whether you’re choosing something for a gift or for your own home, look for lights that go beyond simple remote control to keep your home more secure and energy-efficient.

Connected lighting comes in several options including smart bulbs, smart plugs, and smart switches

Smart Lighting: Benefits and Uses

Lots of benefits of having a smart house, and smart lighting! First and foremost is Security. Smart lighting is a valuable way to give your home a lived-in look, even when you’re out of town. To make it more realistic, your smart lights should run on a dynamic schedule to conceal the fact you’re automating. With sunrise and sunset options and even variable times throughout the day and the week, some smart lights can manage it all – ask us how today!

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