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SALTO Inspired Access- Say Goodbye to Mechanical Keys!

What is SALTO? SALTO is a world-class access control system that is simple to use and extremely efficient no matter the size or complexity of the project. SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) system is a wire-free, data-on-card technology that transforms building access. SVN-Flex takes it one step further, allowing any stand-alone electronic locks to read and update card access information.

J. Becher is a proud partner of SALTO Inspired Access Solutions

SALTO solutions are in use in diverse environments around the world including healthcare, transportation facilities, commercial, governmental, entertainment and leisure, hospitality, education and more! From gym locker rooms or school classrooms, to corporate offices, SALTO is sure to have a door access solution for you. SALTO brings the security and technology to where it should be, the door.



Inventors of SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) with patented and fast read and write data-on-card technology, expertise in applying virtual networks in the most secure way.


Complete hardware and software platform, which fits virtually any door and any access point and suits all vertical markets.


Mechanical key management is costly, unsecure and a hassle. Upfront costs of replacing master keys, drilling out locks, updating all affected users’ keys, plus indirect costs like maintenance team productivity can be substantial.


Effective and time-saving management of all online, offline and wireless access points and applications in one software package.

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Different Systems to Fit Your Unique Application & Facility


Smart, secure, innovative and easy to install, the XS4 electronic escutcheon sets need no hard wiring and provide a totally wire-free networked electronic locking solution with a great range of features. The XS4 escutcheon range is specially designed to fit on most standard doors, and work with the majority of mortise locks and tubular latches.


With KS you can send a Mobile Key to anyone with a smartphone, so no need to hand over tags or even do a remote opening. Issuing and receiving access is much easier and more flexible. No more managing mechanical keys. Simply grant access to individuals or groups for selected locks and timeframes. See who goes where and when, and block users on the go.


  • Known employee or valid person(s)
  • Advanced automated Visitor Management
  • Eliminates costs of keys, locksmiths and ensures long lasting ROI
  • Alert and log tailgating
  • Security & peace of mind
  • Flexibility
  • Greater efficiency
  • Unique access control keys (card, chip, sticker, wedding ring, mobile and more)

 For more information about SALTO and how it works, please visit SALTOSystems.com

Controlled Access allows businesses to benefit from increased identity assurance, operational efficiency and reduced costs. Welcome to access into commercial buildings of the 21st century!

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