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LCD, LED, DLP, Plasma… What’s the difference?

LCD, LED, DLP, Plasma… Are All TV’s Created Equal?

All TV’s are not created equal! There are one or two that are right for your environment. J. Becher can help you determine which TV is right for your room, office, restaurant or anywhere else you watch TV. And, we deliver and install!

LCD Advantages:

  • Good for still images and great for computer monitors as well. So, if you’re looking for a screen for TV and computer use, LCDs are an excellent option
  • Quality LCDs have excellent brightness level
  • Space saving LCD flat panels can be mounted on walls. In addition, LCDs are typically slightly lighter than Plasma TVs.
  • Quality LCDs have a fairly long life, especially compared to older models (roughly 13-15 years at a six-hour per day rate)

Plasma Advantages:

  • Quality plasmas have a fairly long life – about 20 years at a six hours per day rate.
  • A field vision of about 180 degrees without loss of picture quality meaning you can watch the screen from any angle.
  • Very bright (about 4-5 times brighter than the average TV)
  • Great contrast ratios (enables them to show better shadow detail)
  • Generally cheaper than LCDs
  • Excellent picture response, with virtually no delay (blockiness or pixilation) like LCDs.
  • Space saving and can be mounted on a wall

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