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J.Becher Brings Hi-Tech Systems to Clive’s Roadhouse

Chosen as the low voltage contractor for a new rustic restaurant in Burnsville, J. Becher & Assoc. put the Wow! in Wow Factor

Chosen as the low voltage contractor for a new rustic restaurant in Burnsville, J. Becher & Assoc. put the Wow! in Wow Factor

Project Type: Commercial Low Voltage | Restaurant

Burnsville, MN recently welcomed Clive’s Roadhouse to the restaurant scene. The casually rustic, yet upscale-vintage restaurant and bar was designed to give guests a comfortable dining experience in a unique and entertaining environment. Clive’s chose J. Becher & Assoc. as the low voltage contractor to add the Wow! factor to the guest experience, but also integrate systems to make it easy for management and staff to control TV’s, audio system, and security system from anywhere in the world.

Fun and Function – Integrated Systems

Clives set the stage for fun by making sure guests are surrounded by 26 flat screen TV’s showing sports and news that are visible from any seat in the bar and an audio system that radiates sound with smooth, even coverage of music. What guests don’t see is the function of the automation and control systems that J. Becher & Assoc. installed to make it easy for staff to arm/disarm the security system, change the channel on any one of the 26 TVs or control the music easily from an iPad app.

Whether management is in the back office, in their car, or anywhere in the world, they can easily check on and control systems in the restaurant via a computer or mobile device. They can see if the backdoor is open or unlocked, if the TVs and audio were turned off, and a multitude of other important tasks that are necessary to run a secure restaurant and bar.

The Lowdown on the Low Voltage Systems

J. Becher & Associate’s Low Voltage division is proud to have been a part of this new restaurant project! Here are the systems’ details:

  • 26 Sony LED TVs controlled by a single android tablet. Each TV can be set to a different channel. We took out the point and click and worked with the Clive’s management to set up an automation system that turns on TVs at 8 AM and turns everything off at closing… automatically!
  • 70 V audio system with Sonance speakers controlled by Elan G! Management. The Sonance speaker dispersion characteristic allows the speakers to be spaced farther apart than conventional speakers, reducing the total quantity required in an installation. Elan G makes the speakers accessible on any mobile device in or outside of the facility!
  • EnGenius Wifi Network
  • Full GE Security System: owners and managers can control by mobile devices anywhere in the world
  • Security Camera System w/ 16 Cameras throughout the restaurant and bar
  • 24-Hour Security and Fire Alarm Monitoring 
  • J. Becher & Associates also wired all Point-of-Sales hardware

About Clive’s Roadhouse

Clive’s Roadhouse is an exciting casual dining and bar concept, located in Champlin, Blaine, and Burnsville, MN. Not fancy; Fresh & Fun! To learn more about Clive’s Roadhouse, visit clivesroadhouse.net/burnsville

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