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J. Becher & Associates Announces Safety Mentorship Program

J. Becher & Associates Safety Mentors: Nic Demers, Ben Olson, Anders Romer, Kenny Waller, Ben Stone & Matt Hedlund

Amid Construction Safety Week 2023, J. Becher & Associates is thrilled to announce the launch of the company’s Safety Mentorship Program.

J. Becher & Associates newly developed Safety Mentorship Program allows for a judgement-free environment for any employee – field or office – seeking safety related information.


  • Achieve Safety 24/7 for all employees.
  • Promote Safety Champions & create new ones.
  • Confidential exchanges between mentors and mentees – unless a safety report must be made.
  • 100% compliance with safety programs.

Our Safety Mentors will check in with new hires, and will be available via phone call, text message and email for any employee with safety related questions, needing advice or training.


  • PPE requirements.
  • How to use certain tools safely – drills, saws, etc.
  • How to report near misses.
  • What to do in different situational experiences.

A special thank you to our Safety Mentors for helping to make this program possible: Ben Olson (Electrical Multi-Family), Nic Demers (Electrical Service), Ben Stone (Electrical Multi-Family), Matt Hedlund (Low Voltage Residential), Kenny Waller (Electrical Special Projects), and Anders Romer (Low Voltage Service & Alarm).





Anders Romer

Anders has been in the industry working on Fire Alarms, Burglary Alarms, Access Control, CCTV, and network infrastructure for the past 18 years. In his time off, he enjoys traveling to Maine and Mexico, canoeing, camping, and fishing as much as possible. The reason he volunteered to be a safety mentor is because working and living safely is what makes life enjoyable. He is thankful for past mentors that have helped show him the ropes, and is still grateful for the knowledge they shared. Now he can do the same thing for others.


Ben Olson

Ben lives in Prior Lake with his wife and two girls. He likes to golf and play drums. Ben grew up helping out on job sites with his family members that worked within the construction/development industries. Ben then went on to graduate from Dunwoody Electrical Construction in 2014. He takes safety seriously because he wants to ensure he goes home healthy every night to be with his family.


Ben Stone

Ben has been with J. Becher & Associates since 2004. He started here as an apprentice, and has since worked his way up to Forman. In Ben’s time here, he has had the opportunity to work on several types of jobs. In his free time, Ben enjoys being active outside hiking, mountain biking, and skiing with his family.


Kenny Waller

Kenny has been in the industry since 2001, where he started as an apprentice and worked his way through the 292 training process to become a licensed journeyman. He has been involved in many different types of electrical projects, and has experienced most daily work situations employees may be faced with. Outside of work Kenny enjoys spending time with his family outdoors or on a boat, coaching (& watching) hockey, working on cars, and fixing things that should probably just be thrown away!


Matt Hedlund

Matt has been in the residential low voltage industry for four years. He is a family man that loves riding bike with his kids, shooting archery, and enjoys being outside.


Nic Demers

Nic started working in the field in 1993 with his father for their family business, Abel Electrical. He worked for several contractors before finding his home with J. Becher 6 years ago. He’s been all around the industry, however, found his calling in performing direct customer work in the service department. He enjoys spending time with his 2 special needs children, and working out at the local gym. Helping others is the true key to happiness in his life. Nic answers his work phone around-the-clock. He says to give him a call – he is here for anything you may need.