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Dunwoody College features Jerry Becher 2016

Dunwoody College of Technology featured J. Becher & Assoc. owner and Dunwoody alumni, Jerry Becher, in their Fall 2016 Magazine with a special section on successful entrepreneur alumni who have founded their own companies. Since graduating from Dunwoody’s 1987 Electrical Construction Maintenance program, Jerry Becher has built one of Minnesota’s premier electrical and low voltage companies. He employs almost 100 electricians, low voltage & technology experts, and office staff. Congratulations Jerry! 

Read more at Dunwoody College of Technology – Alumni & Friends Magazine – Fall 2016 or read a snippet below:

Becher grew up in the restaurant business. His parents owned Mama G’s Sports Bar and Restaurant in Maple Grove. After high school, Becher attended North Hennepin Junior College and then went on to the University of Minnesota to complete his business degree. But when his father got sick, finishing his degree took a backseat to stepping in and helping run the family business. The business was successful – but it wasn’t what Becher wanted to do for the rest of his life. “I knew that an entire life in the bar business was not for me,” Becher said. He had gained an interest in electrical construction from an electrician who helped fix and install equipment at the restaurant. So at the age of 33, Becher enrolled at Dunwoody. Quite a bit older than most of the other students in his program, Becher formed a friendship with instructor Ron Freeman. The two had discussed the possibility of starting their own company and when Becher graduated in 1987, Freeman left Dunwoody and the pair went into business together. The partnership was a good match. Becher knew the business side of running a company and Freeman knew the electrical side. They started small, just two guys, a garage and a truck. Focusing on electrical wiring in the residential field, they started getting work with a number of housing contractors Becher knew from his time in the restaurant business. As they started gaining more and more work, they also started expanding the business. Freeman retired in 2000 and in 2004, Becher added a new partner. By this time, J. Becher & Associates had expanded into the multi-family and commercial areas. Becher said one of the most time-consuming aspects of his job is keeping up with all of the changing and increased regulations that go hand-in-hand with the electrical construction business. From electrical wiring to state-of-the-art technology installation, J. Becher & Associates is a full-service electrical contractor. “We’re a one-stop shop,” Becher said. Today, Becher employs about 100 people, including 80 field technicians and 20 office personnel. “I just love the employees,” Becher said, adding that his goal is always to get out into the field more. Some of those employees are also family members. Becher’s son and son-in-law are both electricians with the company, and his partner’s son works there as well. “This really is a family business,” Becher said. Looking back at the company’s growth and success over the years, Becher said it was important to always look one step ahead and know what it is they should be doing. “I was never the home run guy,” Becher said. “I was always the guy that never quit and never stopped. I never thought that failure was an option. None of this is a ‘get rich quick’ scheme.” Today, Becher still has no plans to quit or stop. When he’s not at work he enjoys taking his Harley out for a ride and spending time with his wife Lois and their seven grandchildren. “I’m still enjoying what I’m doing,” Becher said.

Read more about J. Becher here

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