J Becher


Celebrating 4 Years of No Lost Time!

As of October 29th, J.Becher & Associates has hit a huge milestone by completing 4 years of no lost time. That’s 1,460 consecutive days without work comp lost time! What is lost time? Lost time occurs when an employee is injured while carrying out a work-related task for their employer, and is unable to return to work within a three-day time frame.

Our commitment to safety over the years has always been extremely important to us as Safety 24/7 is one of J.Becher’s core values, so this accomplishment is a huge one for us to celebrate. This milestone is only seen by 1-2% of companies in our industry! 

How we reached this milestone:

  • We perform safe work practices
  • Actively participate in a light-duty, return to work program
  • Report near misses & incidents
  • Perform accident investigations
  • Complete weekly Toolbox Talks & safety training
  • Conduct monthly Safety Committee meetings & job site inspections
  • Most importantly, we reached this milestone because of our dedicated employees!

J.Becher & Associates Safety Program – Committed to Zero© Incidents & Injuries

J.Becher & Associates has always practiced safe work and followed strict safety standards; however, five years ago we launched a more formal safety program, Committed to Zero© Incidents & Injuries. This safety program communicates safety protocol and provides tools, information, and training to ensure safe work practices throughout the company and at every job site. With this program, we reward our team each year with gift cards to various retailers as a small token of our appreciation. Our goal is to heighten employee overall safety awareness, while reducing the chance of injuries/accidents at the work place, and also at home. 

Committed to Zero© is our company-wide safety initiative that focuses on a commitment to zero incidents, accidents, and no lost time. Our in-house Safety Director coordinates our safety program, and participates in programs sponsored by MN OSHA, National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), and our insurance provider to ensure we follow all safety protocol. This safety program communicates expectations and focuses on personal responsibility, accountability, and being aware of work surroundings. 

J.Becher & Associates is committed to providing a safe workplace for employees, and everyone involved on a job site. This includes managing our safety program and work practices, continuously educating employees on safety, and providing the necessary tools and equipment to safely perform our work, while reducing recognized hazards. We take safety at J.Becher very seriously. Your safety, the safety of the systems we install, and the safety of our electrician and technicians is our number one priority.